Google Branded Netbook

Now if some of you have seen the previous shows you have heard me talk with numerous guests regarding the empire known as google. One of the things that I said was a hunch that maybe Google would be bringing out at the launch of Chrome OS, a Google branded netbook. Taking a page from apples book, Google would be on the forefront of having their own name branded machines. Now some have laughed at my thoughts on this and also have said it’s not possible. Some have gone on to say it would never take off. Well Michael Arrington disproves latter of the two:
“They’re not in any particular hurry and seem to be aiming for the 2010 holiday season, a full year from now,” author Michael Arrington said. “Our understanding is that Google intends to have the devices built, branded with Google, and then sell them directly to consumers. The only firm tech spec we’ve heard is that they’ll be mobile enabled, and likely tied to one or more carriers with a subsidy.”
So a time frame, remains to be seen. But I think it’s safe to say, google isn’t far from having their own, “Google Store.” Until next time, “Keep it Buzzin’

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